Simos Megalos


fixed phone: 00302262029757



Electrical Engineering and Masters degree in Information Technology

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece (1986-1992)



2009-today: Web Applications Development

Location: Greece, Thiva
Employer: Freelance

Freelance Software Engineer. I work with DEBIAN LINUX servers on dedicated Hardware, using plain C programming language and libraries, the APACHE httpd web server and hand made APACHE MODULES together with EMSCRIPTEN/Webassembly technology for the design and implementation of web applications of blazing fast performance and advanced security. Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, UNIX scripting, PERL, and LINUX administration.

2006-2009: PS Core Managed Services Provisioning to Telefonica

Location: Madrid, Spain
Employer: Ericsson

In this project, I have worked in close interaction with Telefonica customer in their Network Operations Center, in order to guarantee the smooth integration of Ericsson's UMTS/GPRS nodes in their PS Core Network. My responsibilities included the activities of monitoring, analyzing and auditing of traffic events and Measurement Statistics Data. Furthermore, I have participated in the gathering and analysis of Telefonica's real-time service quality reporting requirements and in the design/implementation of interim reporting tools to enable for the real-time monitoring of Service Quality Performance Indicators.

2005-2006: Senior Training Consultant

Location: Madrid, Spain
Employer: Multipedia Editorial

This project of Multipedia Editorial was the development of an Internet-based audio-visual Spanish-English concordance system for the education of foreign languages combining numerous versatile competences from many different technological fields. My participation was in the areas of instructional design and product development, in the development of educational multimedia content and in the Design/Development of web-based multimedia applications.

2001-2004: PS Core Engineer

Location: Rome, Italy
Employer: Ericsson

Since the beginning of 2001 until the end of 2004, I participated in integration and verification projects for the launching of GPRS networks in the Italian market for operators like Telecom Italia and Wind. I have developed an in depth competence of GPRS/UMTS specifications and related protocols, application system verification and network integration activities.

1999-2000: Billing & GSM provisioning support Engineer

Location: Rome, Italy
Employer: Ericsson

Since March 1999 until end of 2000 I worked as support engineer for billing mediation platforms (Billing Gateway) and GSM Service Provisioning platforms (Service Order Gateway) in the Local Response Center of Ericsson where I have developed an in depth competence in the installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of Ericsson's Billing Gateway and Mediation Systems.

1998-1999: Network Management Systems Owner

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Employer: AT&T - Unisource

AT&T-Unisource (AUCS) was a European telecom alliance including AT&T, Sweden's Telia, Spain's Telefonica, Switzerland's Swisscom, and Netherlands KPN. AUCS operated a pan-European voice and data backbone network, with an IN based service portfolio for multinational corporate businesses. Since March 1998 and for one year, I joined the Service & Network Development department, located in Stockholm, as the System Owner of their Network Management support systems. Part of my responsibility was also the extraction, analysis and reporting of Traffic Measurement Data for the optimization of Dimensioning and short/long term planning of Network Capacity.

1995-1998: Technical Training Consultant

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Employer: Ericsson

Since February 1995 until February 1998, I worked as a training consultant at the Ericsson's Training Center at Marievik Stockholm, for both the Internal and Customer Training Departments. During that period, I delivered a number of courses (in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Croatia, Greece, etc) mostly related with Software Maintenance and troubleshooting of AXE 10 switch software. I also participated in the development of Competence Development products for the Network Integration & Verification Service of Ericsson for Telecom Operators. During that time I aquired extensive experience in the developing and delivering of Training Material and Presentations.

1993-1994: Software Design & Function Testing

Location: Athens, Greece
Employer: Intracon (Ericsson's Greek Partner)

Since the beginning of 1993 until the end of 1994, I worked as a Software Designer and Function Tester at Intracom in Greece developing and testing software for the AXE switches of Ericsson.